Within the confines of Midtown Atlanta, GA, the Biltmore House has an historic place in the city’s landscape. Since its opening in 1924, it has served as a reminder of the level of posh and splendor many buildings of that era attempted to achieve. It was built by William Candler, son of Asa Candler  (Coca-Cola executive). The twin antis on the top are relics from broadcast of WSB-Am, 24 news  in the early 1900s. It was the South’s first radio station. Nestled alongside the hotel that shares its name, the apartment complex was transformed into 53 condominiums in 1999. It now consists of many dozens of living areas, and a combined 55,000 square feet of total space.

The Biltmore Appartments as the House was known in its earliest days – was built during a time of growing prosperity and achievements. The economy was booming, financiers were making fortunes from speculative activities, and Henry Ford’s advancements in mass production were making his newly affordable vehicles available to the vast body of American consumers. As a result, many of those new middle class families now had the means – and the transportation mode – to vacation farther and farther from their homes.

Naturally, developers in the area sought to develop projects that would cater to the newfound wealth of these vacationers, while also recognizing that those projects would have to satisfy a variety of tastes from around the country. The Hotel was modeled after the architectural styles prevalent in other Biltmore buildings across the nation. It was advertised as the South’s “supreme hotel” and was just one part of a larger effort to successfully showcase the so-called New South.

Both the Apartments and the Hotel were intentionally located in an area of the city known for its upper class sensibilities. This placed it just outside of the business district but still close enough to the downtown area of Atlanta to still provide its guests and residents with access to those businesses. At its opening, this emphasis on opulence was perhaps best highlighted by the fact that the owners of the project chose to bring many of the wealthiest and most important men from the North to Atlanta by train.

The Condominiums consist of a ten-story building of enormous scale, and sit adjacent to the eleven-story hotel. Architecturally, the Biltmore House has been described as Neo-Georgian in its details. Like other buildings constructed in that style, Biltmore’s design is known for its attention to balance and proportion, and the way in which mathematical ratios so cleanly determine the scale of windows and other features in relation to the size of any given room. The building’s symmetry and classical lines are evident even to casual observers who may not be familiar with architectural models based on the classic 18th century British patterns.

Today, Biltmore House is but one example of Atlanta’s longer-term plan to create so-called “mixed-use” neighborhoods. Novare Group still maintains their cooperate headquarters in the commercial tower.  Its condominium renovation resulted in the creation of a combination of various residence sizes, and the living spaces are marketed with an eye toward their convenient access to downtown businesses. Those who live in the building can take pride that the structure has been and continues to be listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The ball rooms can be rented for private events such as weddings through Novare Events.

It has often been said that America, as one of the youngest nations on the planet, is a country where nothing is truly historic except history. Obviously, the country lacks the thousand-year old physical structures that can be seen in many places across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Places like Biltmore House remind us that even a young country can still lay claim to architectural marvels and historic physical achievements that rise to such a lofty level that they can only be considered “historic” in nature. Atlanta’s Biltmore House is historic in every vital sense of the word. To learn more about the condos for sale at the Biltmore, Please contact a CityMax Realty Agent today.